April 14, 2006

You hate your job when…

Posted in Motivation at 12:52 pm by miharuyouth

1. You hate your boss.

2. You feel your boss and the whole universe hate you

3. When sitting in your work station, you somehow miss sitting in the traffic jam.

4. Your client calls you and asks you to do something. You answer, "Yes, sure. Let me write this down." After the conversation, you realized you've written down, "Bugger off you filthy freak! Go to hell." plus some ugly caricature sketches.

5. Any small mishap, like you being trapped in the elevator, or when you split the morning coffee, leads you into thinking that those are signs you need to resign.

6. When your company makes the Best Employers list, you come out with you own list of 1000 reasons not to work there.

7. Your heart beat rate is faster when you're in Monday meeting than when you're bungee jumping. (haha)

8. You convinced your peers that your Feng Shui masters told you that if you keep on working here, you'll get killed.

9. You fantasize your stomach ache turns into appendix problem.

10. You wish you get pregnant when you're a guy.

11. You start to calculate how many months your saving can last if you're suddenly unemployed. Sometimes you contemplate what franchise you can afford.

12. You jump in triumph when your company announces VSS. You make sure you're the first in the queue to get the form.

13. You contacted EPF/KWSP and start asking whether you're eligible to withdraw any money from the fund.

14. You're surfing websites which are similar to this site.

15. You read this article until finish.

*yeah right…go and find another suitable job then..dont be too loyal (this is not being loyal..it is about cannot find another job…) or you will say "another day wasted…with nothing…."*


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