aku menghadapi masalah dengan mendapat ketenangan hari ini …disebabkan oleh ada beberapa perkara yang aku tidak perlu fikir tetapi aku berfikir…

mungkin aku ada banyak kekurangan dalam diri sendiri…

maybe i should forget everything, what had happenned to me past few days. now i am like 50% of sof me say i should forget about it, and another half of me say, i should pray for it. and why i am still thinking about it if it does not affect me..i hate to think that i should get rid of this feeling because it is just to find myself to be me again. i miss my time when i have someone in my life, and aware about me..and my other me…i met him today, well, not exactly met..i saw him from far, thought that he will say..hello, at least..but i dont think he was alert that i was there looking at him..and he straightly  went away without saying anything..

i think i am just nothing in front him, and he does not expect anything from me either. i wish i will know about it…i feel sorry for myself, maybe he is not the one for me…i really wish i could know the answer and if that happen surely i will forget about everything and start moving…


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