January 1, 2012

it’s 2012…

Posted in Every Day at 4:01 pm by miharuyouth

today is jan 1st 2012…and i am still single…

still trying to seek happiness in my life, still trying to think that i will end this year by marrying someone, actually it was last year dream and hope, but should i give up?…this year …i hate to think about this year, cause it will be more and more responsibilities that  are given to me and i need to handle a lot of things…i wish i could forget about everything and go on with my life but to think about it again make my head ill…

i am still thinking about ‘him’…that ‘him’ which i repeatedly mentioned in my previous writing…i saw him from far, he was managing something, with his friends, i didnt have the chance to say hi to him since i could not move my legs from the seat..we had dinner last night, some employess received awards…i did receive 3 years ago…but that time he wasnt working here yet…well, i saw him…at the entrance. obviously he didnt see me, and of course he would not even try looking for me as for him i am nothing…well you can say it is love at one side, it would not work, it would never work…

at least i still have my dream…this year i am trying to lose my weight. i lost few inches few weeks ago and i am still like to eat, i dont want to restrain myself from eating since if i do that i will lose all the pleasure from the food. i would still want to eat cheese cake or ice cream cake..or plain ice cream…or any food that has to do with ice cream…or cheese..cause i love them, actually i love food..but last night i did get to eat more since i was sitting with 9 unknown seaters..from different company..hell..i hate it…

i bet..i will see a lot of fun ahead me…this year…i wish i will get married…with anyone


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