July 5, 2006

Iman Sang Semut…

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Di zaman Nabi Allah Sulaiman berlaku satu peristiwa, apabila Nabi Allah
Sulaiman nampak seekor semut melata di atas batu; lantas Nabi Allah
Sulaiman merasa hairan bagaimana semut ini hendak hidup di atas batu
yang kering di tengah-tengah padang pasir yang tandus. Nabi Allah
Sulaiman pun bertanya kepada semut: ” Wahai semut
apakah engkau yakin ada makanan cukup untuk kamu”.

Semut pun menjawab: “Rezeki di tangan ALLAH, aku percaya rezeki di
tangan ALLAH, aku yakin di atas batu kering di pasir yang tandus
ini ada rezeki untuk ku”. Lantas Nabi Allah Sulaiman pun bertanya: ”
Wahai semut, berapa banyakkah engkau makan? Apakah yang engkau gemar
makan? Dan banyak mana engkau makan dalam sebulan?”

Jawab semut: “Aku makan hanya sekadar sebiji gandum sebulan”.

Nabi Allah Sulaiman pun mencadangkan: “Kalau kamu makan hanya sebiji
gandum sebulan tak payah kamu melata di atas batu, aku boleh tolong”.

Nabi Allah Sulaiman pun mengambil satu bekas, dia angkat semut itu dan
dimasukkan ke dalam bekas; kemudian Nabi ambil gandum sebiji, dibubuh
dalam bekas dan tutup bekas itu. Kemudian Nabi tinggal semut didalam
bekas dengan sebiji gandum selama satu bulan.

Bila cukup satu bulan Nabi Allah Sulaiman lihat gandum sebiji tadi hanya
dimakan setengah sahaja oleh semut, lantas Nabi Allah Sulaiman menemplak
semut: “Kamu rupanya berbohong pada aku!. Bulan lalu kamu kata kamu
makan sebiji gandum sebulan, ini sudah sebulan tapi kamu makan

Jawab semut: “Aku tidak berbohong, aku tidak berbohong, kalau aku ada di
atas batu aku pasti makan apapun sehingga banyaknya sama seperti sebiji
gandum sebulan, kerana makanan itu aku cari sendiri dan rezeki itu
datangnya daripada Allah dan Allah tidak pernah lupa padaku. Tetapi bila
kamu masukkan aku dalam bekas yang tertutup, rezeki aku bergantung pada
kamu dan aku tak percaya kepada kamu, sebab itulah aku makan setengah
sahaja supaya tahan dua bulan. Aku takut kamu lupa”.


June 21, 2006


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A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening appeared. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress.

It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could, and it could go no further. So the man decided to help the butterfly. He took a pair of scissors and snipped off the remaining bit of the cocoon.

The butterfly then emerged easily. But it had a swollen body and small, shriveled wings.

The man continued to watch the butterfly because he expected that, at any moment, the wings would enlarge and expand to be able to support the body, which would contract in time.

Neither happened! In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It never was able to fly.

What the man, in his kindness and haste, did not understand was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening were Allah's way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our lives. If Allah allowed us to go through our lives without any obstacles, it would cripple us.

We would not be as strong as what we could have been. We could never "fly"!

I asked for Strength………
And Allah gave me Difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for Wisdom………
And Allah gave me Problems to solve.

I asked for Prosperity………
And Allah gave me Brain and Brawn to work.

I asked for Courage………
And Allah gave me Danger to overcome.

I asked for Love………
And Allah gave me Troubled people to help.

I asked for Favours………
And Allah gave me Opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted ……..
I received everything I needed!

April 12, 2006

Why A Spider Hanging From A Thread Does Not Rotate

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The extraordinary properties of spider's thread are like a blessing for researchers working on polymers. However, the amazing twisting properties it displays are still not very well understood. How can one explain the fact that a spider suspended by a thread remains completely motionless, instead of rotating like a climber does at the end of a rope? Researchers at the Laboratoire de physique des lasers (CNRS/University of Rennes) have described the exceptional properties of this material which still has some secrets to reveal. The results will be published in Nature on 30 March 2006.

Fasten an object to the end of a vertically suspended thread. Give it a slight twist and let go. You will observe that the object rotates for a certain length of time and with a certain amplitude, depending on the material of the thread. Now observe a spider suspended from its thread: It is stable, doesn't move, spins its thread in a perfectly straight line and always recovers its balance after environmental disturbances.

By experimenting with a torsion pendulum to which they attached a mass equivalent to a spider's weight, researchers at the Laboratoire de physique des lasers (CNRS/University of Rennes) compared the dynamic reactions of different types of thread to a 90° rotation. The results are revealing: a KevlarTM filament (which is synthetic) behaves like an elastic, with reduced oscillations. A copper thread oscillates slightly but does not return to its original shape, and becomes more fragile as a result of these oscillations. Spider's thread, on the other hand, is very efficient at absorbing oscillations, regardless of air resistance, and retains its twisting properties during the experiments. It also returns to its exact original shape. Certain alloys, such as Nitinol, possess similar properties but must be heated to 90° to return to their original shape.

The amazing properties of spider's thread have been known for several years: its ductility, strength and hardness surpass those of the most complex synthetics fibers . It now also seems that through natural selection, spider's thread has evolved into a material with “self-shape memory effect” which allows it to return to its original configuration without outside stimulus. This complex dynamic process has recently been represented as a “stacked” model which the authors use to depict the relaxation of the different proteins in spider's thread.

Editor's Note: The original news release can be found here.

March 19, 2006

Singing frog’s ‘ultrasonic croak’

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Noisy surroundings led to the creative croak, scientists say (Image: Albert Feng)

A rare Chinese frog has entered the record books as the first amphibian known to communicate using ultrasound.

Until now, only a few mammals – such as bats, whales and dolphins – have been found to use the very high frequency sound to contact each other.

The frog may have evolved the mechanism to be heard above the babble of running water, scientists tell this week’s edition of the journal Nature.

Canada’s lonely killer whale dies

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A lonely killer whale that captured the hearts of many Canadians is believed to have died after being hit by a tugboat propeller, officials have said.
The orca, nicknamed Luna, became separated from his family off Vancouver Island in British Columbia in 2001, and soon started playing with boats.

It later sparked a fierce row between scientists and aboriginal Indians.

The Indians thwarted efforts to reunite Luna with his pod, believing he was the reincarnation of a dead chief.

The seven-year-old male mammal appeared to have been sucked into a propeller after miscalculating its power, John For from Canada’s department of oceans and fisheries said.

“Luna has been fixated on boats for a number of years now,” Mr Ford told Vancouver’s Global television, adding that it was “a tragic accident”.

Luna is believed to have died instantly. The remains still need to be formally identified by experts.

‘Re-incarnated chief’

The 1.8-tonne creature proved an instant hit with tourists, and his exploits soon gained attention in the world media.

Despite this, scientists – who had seen him as a safety hazard – wanted to return Luna to its family, some 300km down the coast.

Aboriginal Indians, however, managed to derail the effort.

They had told the story of their chief who on his deathbed in 2001 promised to return as a whale.

Three days after the chief died, Luna first appeared in their harbour.

The Indians used their traditional canoes to lure Luna away from the scientists’ pen.

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